Course Description: This course is for basic entry-level students and those already certified in Track Aware.

The course starts Sign-in and Registration Friday 17:00.

Class hours: Friday 18:00 to 22:00, Saturday 08:00 to 22:00, Sunday 08:00 to 14:00, (including breaks).

BCTA Membership Forms are available here: Join BCTA Preferably, you can E-transfer or send to the address on the
membership form in advance of the course. This can also be sent with your course fee.

Course Fees: Tuition is $100 (Non-refundable) for current BCTA members; $200 for nonmembers. Payment must accompany your registration form and be submitted at least two weeks prior to the course. This covers course materials and instructor reimbursement. The fee will only be refunded if the course is cancelled.

Meals: An optional meal plan is available for $100.00. The mean plan will include a light breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, as well as a light breakfast, and grab-and-go style lunch Sunday.

Gear: Bring GSAR daypacks and be ready to conduct training in any weather conditions. Bring a sharp-focus flashlight (not a bulls-eye), tracking stick, tape measure, compass, notepad and pencil, safety glasses, energy snacks, and water bottles for in the field. GPS is optional but recommended.

Cheques Payable To: Campbell River Search and Rescue Society
Mail To: Campbell River Search and Rescue Society PO Box 705 Campbell River, BC Canada V9W 6J3

Questions? Need more Information? Contact Kris Bro
Email: or call 250-895-0889