How to Become a Tracker

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What is a Tracker?

A skilled tracker is a highly motivated team member who has learned, practiced and developed acute observation skills, which enable him or her to see the sign of a person’s passage, which the untrained searcher or investigator will not see.

Reading signs depends on appreciating the small points, the details that appear to those schooled in observation but disappear to the novice, the incautious, or the hasty.

Jon J. Nordby PhD

International homicide investigator , “Dead Reckoning: The Art of Forensic Detection”


Certification to any level is not solely based on the number of hours of tracker training achieved or the number of courses taken.

Certification is based on demonstrated performance during a course.


Other Training Providers

We are extremely proud of the courses we provide, but we also recognize there are a number of organizations out there that teach tracking, both in and out of the search and rescue community.

Any practice you do, or training you receive can only help with your tracking skills!  As mentioned, certifications is based on performance during one of our courses.  If you have training or experience with another provider, let us know when you register for a course.  Those who receive training elsewhere often complete BCTA certification in less time.

If you are certified to a level above novice with another provider, you may be eligable to take a higher-level course with BCTA right from the start.  Let us know when you register, and we will work with you to find a course level suitable to your skills.