Host a Tracking Course

BC Tracking Association courses are hosted around the province by local Search and Rescue groups.

Hosting a BCTA Course

Every year, BC Tracking Association holds courses throughout the province, at the request of local Search and Rescue groups.  Any of the 80 SAR groups in BC can request a course.

When you request a course, our Course Coordination Director will be in touch with you to discuss the particulars and assist with any questions or issues you may have. 


Who can request a course?

Any SAR member willing to assist in organizing the course is welcome to contact us.  Ultimately groups will need the approval of their Training Officer or Board per local policies.


How are courses paid for?

BC Tracking collects tuition of $150 per student for courses.  Groups are encouraged to apply to BCSARA for regional funding to cover course costs.

Request a Local Tracking Course

Our Course Coordination Director will assist you with the planning and organization of the course.