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    B.C. Tracking Association
    5000 Willis Way
    Courtenay, BC
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is tracking?

    Tracking is the art of finding, identifying and following sign, and by interpreting sign, being able to deduce accurate information about the person or animal being tracked.

    What is "Sign"

    Sign is the evidence of someone’s, or something’s, passage.

    A line of sign is A series of physical indications left by the passage of anything: a wheel, a series of footprints, animal tracks and even scent.

    What is "Sign Cutting"

    The disciplined, controlled, coordinated and rapid following of a line of sign by two or more tracking teams.

    Does tracking really work?

    Tracking puts another powerful tool in the hands of search managers, and members trained in tracking have been instrumental in finding lost subjects many, many times over the years. 

    What sorts of courses are do you offer?

    You can learn more about our courses here: Course Descriptions.  There may even be a course coming up in your area! Upcoming Tracking Courses

    Can we host a course?

    Absolutely!  You can learn more about hosting a course here: Host a Course.  Our volunteer instructors will travel anywhere in BC to teach a course – we love tracking that much!