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    Tracker Callout List

    If you are certified as a Tracker (or higher) you may opt into the BCTA Tracker Mutual Aid Call-Out list provided to EMBC and all SAR groups.
    Yes, I agree to be on the listNo, I do not agree to be on the list
    *note: the training committee selects the individuals to go on the list from among those who opt-in.

    Membership Fees

    Memberships are valid from January 1st to December 31st, and are not pro-rated. Membership fees go to support BCTA programs including this website.
    $15 for a 1-year membership$40 for a 3-year membership

    Memberships will only be valid when membership fees are received. Please see Payment Options for details.

    Download Membership Form

    You can also download and complete a membership form.  Please see the form for payment instructions.

    Payment Options

    By Email Money Transfer

    Please submit email money transfers to  Be sure to send a followup email with the password for the money transfer.

    By Cheque or Money Order

    Cheques or Money Orders can be sent to:
    B.C. Tracking Association – Memberships
    5000 Willis Way
    Courtenay, BC V9J 1L7

    Be sure to include the member’s name!